Do I see what I get?

Yes, for every product we create a free draft after clarifying all details. Before production, you get a final artwork to approve.

How long does it take to get individually stamped medals, mints or coins?

Usually, it takes 4 to 5 weeks. Faster deliveries might be possible.

Can you provide a price list?

No, as we have to quote the price for each medal, mint or coin individually. Pricing depends on the number of pieces, the size, the material and the motif which influences the tooling costs.

How to get the price then?

Ideally, you send us the

  • number of pieces,
  • size,
  • material wishes (if you have any)
  • and a picture of the motif

to export@pichl.com. We will care about the rest :).

I only need one medal or coin, is that possible?

Yes! However, depending on the quality prices can be high. There are two options:

  1. High quality stamped silver coin: As our experiences engravers gave to produce a mould, depending on the motif complexity, one silver coin will cost between € 500.- and € 2,000.-.
  2. Laser-engraved silver coin: A precious silver coin with a laser-engraved (2D, no relief) motive will cost approximately € 120.- net, independent of the motif.

Do you sell/buy collector coins or mints?

No, we produce coins, mints and medals for any event or occasion based on your wishes/requirements. We do not buy or sell antique coins.

Where do you produce your products?

Usually, we produce medals, mints and coins in our manufactory in Austria. We are located near Innsbruck, the city that hosted the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics as well as the first Winter Youth Olympics in 2012.

How old is your company?

Our company was founded 1846 in Innsbruck. Today, the sixth (Bernward Pichl) and the seventh generation (Martin Pichl) run the company together. We are still a family owned business.